Applies from 1st of April 2014

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS is a marketplace operated by CaddieON Inc.. CaddieOn Inc., a limited liability company duly registered under the laws of Finland having it’s principal place of business at Hautakorventie 11, FI-90620 Oulu, Finland. CaddieON Inc. operates under the business identity code 2486398-6. Following general regulations will be applied to all business relations between CaddieON and it’s customers. Contracts between customer and CaddieON Inc. shall be governed by Finnish Law.

CaddieOn reserves the right to change these General regulations with a sole decision and without prior notification. Changes occurred in the law shall enter into force as drawn if not otherwise stated by the law.

CaddieON Inc. is not liable for any damage caused by an event of force majeure (such as a war, strike, riot, crime, fire or natural disaster such as flood or storm etc.). CaddieON is obliged to inform occurrence of the force majeure to Customers as soon as possible.

Further information about CaddieON Inc. can be read from or requested by email


CaddieON sells products and services to private persons of legal age (later referred as Customer).
When placing an order, Customer agrees to CaddieON Inc.’s current General regulations and Order- and delivery terms regarding contracts, orders and delivery.

When placing and order, Customer is required to provide full contact information, which includes at least Customer’s name, address, phone number and email address.

The estimated delivery times are based on the information given by the carrier. CaddieON Inc. or it’s suppliers are not liable for any changes or delays caused by an event of force majeure (such as a war, strike, riot, crime, fire or natural disaster such as flood or storm etc.).

Contract is legally binding as soon as the order is registered to CaddieON Inc.’s system. The Customer will automatically receive an order confirmation by email.


CaddieON® Solution elements: CaddieON® Wrist device, RFID tags for clubs, mobile application, web portal service.

Sales package content: CaddieON® Wrist device, 15 RFID tags, DC/USB charging adapter.
Mobile application requirements: software platforms Android 4.1 or later versions and iPhone4 and later.


The prices can be found from the CaddieON Inc.’s webstore. All prices include the Finnish VAT when sold to EU. Deliveries outside EU do not include any taxes, custom duty or other local costs. Delivery costs will be added separately in all our deliveries, if not otherwise notified. In case of obvious mistakes in the pricing list, the products are sold in their actual price. In these cases CaddieON Inc. will inform the customer and offers the right to either cancel the order or submit the missing payment. If the prices shall rise before the order has been handled, CaddieON Inc. will deliver the products in the ordered price.

Products will be sold as is. CaddieON Inc. is liable to the content of these General regulations. If the Customer do not approve of the content of the sales package, Customer must return the undamaged and unused package to CaddieON Inc.’s return address within 14 days according to the return policy.


Customer may contact CaddieON Inc. customer service by email and by telephone. Customer agrees to check email after purchase. Contract is legally binding as soon as the order has been registered into CaddieON Inc.’s system.

Customer places an order in by adding the ordered items to the cart and by paying them in the checkout. All customer data will be handled confidentially. While placing an order in, CaddieON Inc. expects customer to have read through and accepted Order and Delivery Terms. The Customer will automatically receive an order confirmation by email.

CaddieON Inc. reserves the right to restrict the number of items ordered.


The payments in CaddieON Inc.’s webstore are handled by Checkout™ payment service. List of payment methods and delivery terms can be found in CaddieON Inc.’s webstore: Further information can be requested by email from:

CaddieON Inc. will not pay interest for pre-ordered items payments’.


Information is saved to CaddieON Inc.’s customer register. The purpose of the register is to maintain customer data register and archiving and handling CaddieON Inc’s Customer orders. Register can be used for other justified purposes (for example direct marketing) according to the Personal data Act (523/1999). Customer may refuse publishing of personal data for direct marketing by written request. The written and signed refusal should be sent to CaddieON Inc.’s customer service: or by mail to CaddieOn Inc., Hautakorventie 11 FI-90620 Oulu Finland. The Description of Register can be read at the address


For our customers in North America: Unfortunately we are not able to deliver our products to North America just yet, but we working hard to make our deliveries available in your countries too.

CaddieON Inc. uses discrete supplier on deliveries. Delivery costs depend on chosen delivery method and options are shown when placing the order. More information on CaddieON Inc.’s delivery methods can be read from

The dispatch time is approximately 1-5 working days from automatic order confirmation, if not otherwise informed in the webstore. Delivery time is usually 1-16 working days depending on the chosen delivery method. Any changes on the delivery time shall be informed in the website.

If there are certain products that are temporarily unavailable, CaddieON Inc. will send the available products. CaddieON Inc. will deliver the missing products as soon as possible. If customer chooses to refuse this offer, CaddieON Inc. will reimburse the unavailable product.

Customer is responsible for inspecting the received items in 14 days. Customer is also responsible for reading the quick guide and other information send with the order before taking the product into use.


Customer is entitled to return undamaged and unused products within 14 days from receipt of order. CaddieON Inc. gives permission to open the product package. Opening the package should be done carefully.
When returning items please contact CaddieON Inc.s’ customer service: for further instructions.

Customer is responsible for packaging of the product when returning the product to CaddieON Inc.. The products shall be packed carefully, so that the products will not damage during transportation. Customer is liable for proper packing. CaddieON Inc. recommends always to use the original packing, which the manufacturer has designed for safe dispatch. CaddieOn is not liable for returned items packed carelessly or contrary to CaddieON’s instructions. Returns suchlike will not be refunded.

Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by sending an e-mail to CaddieON Inc. and by returning the whole order within 14 days from the receipt of order. Deliveries that have not been collected by the customer are also interpreted as withdrawal.

Customer will be reimbursed via the same payment method as was used initially, within 30 days after CaddieON Inc. has received the returned item(s).


CaddieON Inc. guarantees the purchaser of the CaddieON wrist device and/or identification tags a one (1) year warranty from the date of purchase. The receipt of the purchase is a proof of purchase. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship.

The guarantee does not cover the battery, normal wear and tear, damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents or non-compliance with the precautions; improper maintenance, or commercial use.

The warranty does not cover any damage/s, losses, costs or expenses, direct, indirect or incidental, consequential or special, arising out of, or related to the product. CaddieON Inc. does not guarantee products compatibility with items or software manufactured by third parties.

During the warranty period, the product will be either repaired or replaced at CaddieON Inc.’s own repair service.

CaddieON Inc. reserves the rights to test informed defects in products returned. Testing takes 3-5- working days and will not be executed while customer is waiting.

Opening the CaddieON wrist device will cancel the warranty.

CaddieON Inc.’s maximum liability is cancellation of the contract and return of money.

In any warranty or product support matters, please read the Terms and conditions from our webstore.


CaddieON Inc. has it’s own repair service. For further information, please contact CaddieON by email:


Customer is required to present a receipt of purchase, or some other prove of shopping time when filing a complaint.

Complaints will be handled only in written form. An informal letter of complaint can be sent by email to