CaddieON® is a product of CaddieON Inc.  The company was founded in July 2012 by a passionate golfer, Tuomo Lalli and a seasoned technologist, Juha Pikkarainen who wanted to make playing even more enjoyable experience.

Idea behind the product

Where did the idea for CaddieON® come from? CEO Tuomo Lalli explains:

CEO Tuomo Lalli
CEO Tuomo Lalli

"I wanted to improve my game so I was collecting statistics from my rounds. To collect even the simplest information like fairway hits, greens in regulation, number of putts, number of bunker shots etc. was a frustrating task while playing and required rigid routines after each hole in order to mark everything down to my scorecard. All this was focus away from my game.

After the round I entered the same data manually to a statistics program in internet. I was thinking: why couldn’t I get similar kind of statistics as the professional players do on a tour? Without any extra effort in data collection? How about getting this information while playing, in real time? That is when the initial concept was laid out.

As I pitched the CaddieOn concept to my former Nokia collegue, Juha got excited about the potential the technology could bring to solve the problem. That is when we started to elaborate the concept to what it is today. There are still a lot of useful features to come!"

Where to find us

CaddieON Inc.
Moreenitie 11
FI-90620 Oulu

+358 (0) 40 8433 867